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Renewable energy in Thailand is a sector that is developing in Thailand. With its current rate of carbon emissions, Thailand must follow suit from its neighbors by cutting emissions down through the use of renewable energy.[1] Several policies, such as the Eleventh Plan, set goals for renewable energy, such as biofuel implementation, in order to reduce the reliance of nonrenewable energy. [2] For example, the use of biofuel can provide many benefits, such as reducing carbon emissions and reducing reliance on imported fuel.[3] Some of the major renewable energy sources would be wind power, solar power, and biofuel.

Renewable energy sources[edit]

Total Renewable Energy Installed Capacity (May 2014)
Source Total Installed Capacity (MW)
Wind Power 223.00
Solar Power (SPV) 100.00
Hydro Power 7,042.00
Biomass Power 4,593.00
Total 11,958.00

Hydro energy[edit]

Solar energy[edit]

Solar power in Thailand has been expanding since in 2011. Thailand was targeted to reach 55 MW by 2011.[4]

Wind energy[edit]

Wind power in Thailand amounts to an installed production capacity of 223 MW as of the end of 2013.[5] Installed capacity was 112 MW by the end of 2012, with 111 MW added in 2013. This ranks Thailand 34th in the world by installed capacity.

Geothermal energy[edit]

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