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Past industry growth (1995-2007)[1]
Projected industry growth (2007-2017)[2]

Several renewable energy companies became listed on stock exchanges in the period after 2000. The early 21st century was a very productive time for the renewable energy industry, since many governments set long term renewable energy targets. Some chose to directly subsidize the renewables with feed-in tariffs and other temporary measures to bridge the gap to full cost accounting that would properly reward these technologies for their low emissions and lack of interference with ecosystem services, and also to ensure some capacity and motivation to install conservation-focused smart grid technologies.

Smart grid policy in the United States was especially important in driving renewable energy in that country (see also load shedding, energy internet, home area network and cleantech for more on the structure of the industry and why renewables vendors are closely aligned industrially and politically with the vendors of networking technology), smart appliances and energy conservation software, and opposed in general to those of other "energy" firms, which effectively depend on the lack of this intelligence or accounting to appear competitive. For instance, coal vendors rely on a lack of accounting of about US$345 billion in harms done by coal to remain competitive in the US.[3]

In 2004 Russia ratified the United Nations' Kyoto Protocol and the first order under this agreement came into force for the period 2008 to 2012. The period from 2002 to 2008 was a period of rapid growth for the renewable energy industry with the photovoltaics industry experiencing an average of 60% growth per annum, the biodiesel industry 42% and the wind industry 25%.[1] As of the end of 2007 the renewable energy industry was worth an estimated US $77.3 billion.[2] As a result of this growth several companies listed IPOs.

Many public companies involved in the development of this industry and responsible for large market share do not participate exclusively in renewable energy and have been omitted for this list, most notable of these are BP, GE Energy and Sharp. This list consists of companies whose primary produce is either renewable energy or renewable energy products and services.

List of publicly traded renewable energy companies[edit]

Public renewable energy companies listed by stock exchange and symbol
Company Exchange place Symbol IPO Industry
7C Solarparken Frankfurt FWBHRPK - Renewables
A2Z Group Mumbai BSE533292,
Solar Thermal
Abengoa, SA Madrid BMADABG - Solar Thermal
Aleo solar Frankfurt FWBAS1 2006 Photovoltaics
Clean Power Investors, LTD London LSEALR 2004 Renewables
Alterra Power Toronto TSXAXY 2011 Geothermal, Hydro, Wind, Solar
Americas Wind Energy Corporation New York City OTCBB: AWNE 2006 Wind
Anwell Technologies Singapore SGX: G5X 2004 Photovoltaics
Ascent Solar Technologies, INC New York City OTCQBASTI 2006 Photovoltaics
Aventine Renewable Energy New York City NYSEAVR - Bio Energy
Ballard Power Systems New York City NASDAQBLDP 1995 Fuel Cells
Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP New York City NYSEBEP 1995 Hydroelectric, Solar, Wind
Carnegie Wave Energy, LTD Sydney ASXCWE 1993 Wave
Canadian Solar, INC New York City NASDAQCSIQ 2006 Photovoltaics
Centrosolar Group, AG Frankfurt FWBC3O 2005 Photovoltaics
Centrotherm Photovoltaics, AG Frankfurt FWBCTN 2007 Photovoltaics
Ceramic Fuel Cells, LTD Sydney ASXCFU 2004 Fuel Cells
China Power New Energy Hong Kong SEHK735 1999 Wind/Hydro/Biomass
China Sunergy Co, LTD New York City NASDAQCSUN 2007 Photovoltaics
Comtec Solar Systems Group Limited Hong Kong SEHK712 2009 Photovoltaics
Conergy, AG Frankfurt FWBCGY - Photovoltaics
Clenergen Corporation, New York City OTCBB: CRGE - Biomass
DayStar Technologies, INC New York City NASDAQDSTI 2004 Photovoltaics
DelSolar Co, LTD Taiwan GTSM: 3599 - Photovoltaics
Dongfang Electric Hong Kong
SSE: 600875
1994 Wind
Dyesol, LTD Sydney ASXDYE 2005 Photovoltaics
Enel Green Power S.p.A. Milano BITEGPW 2010 Renewables
EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies Inc. TSX-V TSX-VEHT 2014 Wind, Solar
Energiekontor, AG Frankfurt FWBEKT 2000 Wind
Enlight Renewable Energy Ltd. Tel Aviv TASEENLT - Wind, Solar
Enphase Energy New York City NASDAQENPH 2012 Photovoltaics, Solar
E-ton Solar Technology Co, LTD Taiwan TWSE: 3452 - Photovoltaics
EnviroMission, LTD Sydney ASXEVM 2005 Solar Thermal
EDP Renováveis, SA Lisbon EuronextEDPR 2007 Wind
Finavera Renewables, INC TSX-V TSX-VFVR 2006 Renewables
First American Scientific Corp. (delisted) New York City OTCBB: FASC 1995 Biomass
First Solar Holding, LLC New York City NASDAQFSLR 2007 Photovoltaics
Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica Madrid BMADGAM 2000 Wind
Gevo, Inc. New York City NASDAQGEVO 2011 Bio Energy
Gintech Energy Corporation Taiwan TWSE: 3514 2007 Photovoltaics
Goldwind Hong Kong
SZSE: 002202
2007 Wind
Good Energy Group, PLC London LSEGEGP - Renewables
Green Energy Holding Corporation New York City OTCBB: GEYO 2007 Renewables
Green Plains Renewable Energy, INC New York City NASDAQGPRE 2007 Ethanol
GT Advanced Technologies, INC New York City NASDAQGTAT 2008 Solar Mfg Equipment, Sapphire crystal growth
Iberdrola Renovables, SA Madrid BMADIBR 2007 Wind, Solar, Biomass
Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. Toronto TSXINE 2007 Renewables
JA Solar Holdings Co, LTD New York City NASDAQJASO 2007 Photovoltaics
Jetion Solar Holdings LTD London AIM: JHL 2007 Photovoltaics
Kedco PLC London AIM: KED 2008 Bio Energy
LDK Solar Co, LTD New York City NYSELDK 2007 Photovoltaics
Liberated Energy Corp. New York City OTC Pink: LIBE 2010 Wind, Solar
Longyuan Power Hong Kong SEHK916 2009 Wind
Suzhou Shenglong PV-Tech Co.Ltd Seoul KRX: 900150 2011 Solar
Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. New York City OTCBB: MMGW 2001 Wind
Motech Industries Inc. Taiwan TWSE: 6244 2003 Photovoltaics
Neo Solar Power Corporation Taiwan TWSE: 3576 2008 Photovoltaics
Nevada Geothermal Power, INC New York City OTCBB: NGLPF 2005 Geothermal
Nordex, AG Frankfurt FWBNDX 2001 Wind
Ocean Power Technologies, INC New York City NASDAQOPTT 2007 Wave
Ormat Technologies Inc. New York NYSE: ORA 2004 geothermal, solar and recovered energy
Raya Group Sydney ASXRYG 2007 Geothermal
Phoenix Solar, AG Frankfurt FWBPS4 2004 Photovoltaics
PV Crystalox Solar, PLC London LSEPVCS 2007 Photovoltaics
Ram Power, Corp. Toronto TSXRPG - Geothermal
ReneSola, LTD New York City NYSESOL 2007 Photovoltaics
Renewable Energy Generation, LTD London LSERWE 2005 Renewables
Renewable Energy Group, Inc New York NASDAQ: REGI 2012 Renewables
Renewable Energy Holdings, PLC London LSEREH 2005 Renewables
Renewable Energy Resources, INC New York City OTCBB: RWER 2008 Hydro
Run of River Power Inc. TSX-V TSX-VROR 2005 Hydro
Shear Wind Inc. TSX-V TSX-VSWX 2006 Wind
Sinovel Hong Kong
SSE: 601558
2011 Wind
S.A.G. Solarstrom, AG Frankfurt FWBSAG - Photovoltaics
SMA Solar Technology, AG Frankfurt FWBS92 2008 Photovoltaics
Solar-Fabrik, AG Frankfurt FWBSFX - Photovoltaics
Solar3D Inc. New York City OTCBB: SLTD 2010 Photovoltaics
SolarCity Corporation New York City NASDAQSCTY 2012 Photovoltaics
Solarfun Power Holdings Co, LTD New York City NASDAQSOLF 2006 Photovoltaics
SolarWorld, AG Frankfurt FWBSWV 1999 Photovoltaics
Solco, LTD Sydney ASXSOO 2000 Solar Thermal
SunEdison, Inc. New York City NYSESUNE 1984 Photovoltaics/Wind
SunPower Corporation New York City NASDAQSPWR 2005 Photovoltaics
Sunrun New York City NASDAQRUN 2015 Photovoltaics
Suntech Power New York City NYSESTP 2005 Photovoltaics
Suzlon Energy Mumbai BSE532667
2005 Wind
Synex International Toronto TSXSXI 1999 Hydro
Terna Energy Athens AthexTENERGY 2009 Wind, Hydro
Tiger Renewable Energy, LTD New York City OTCBB: TGRW - Ethanol
Trina Solar, LTD New York City NASDAQTSL 2006 Photovoltaics
Verenium Corporation New York City NASDAQVRNM - Biofuels
Vestas Wind Systems Copenhagen Nasdaq CopenhagenVWS 1998 Wind
Vivint Solar New York City NASDAQVSLR 2014 Photovoltaics
WaterFurnace Renewable Energy, Inc. Toronto TSXWFI 2001 Geothermal
Western Wind Energy Corp. former symbol on WND was bought by Brookfields renewable energy Partner
Windflow Technology, LTD Wellington NZX: WTL 2001 Wind
Yingli Green Energy Holding Co, LTD New York City NYSEYGE 2007 Photovoltaics
Company Exchange Symbol IPO Industry Financials

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