Rengg Pass

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Rengg Pass
Elevation 885 m (2,904 ft)
Location Switzerland
Range Alps
Coordinates 46°58′36″N 8°17′32″E / 46.97662°N 8.29224°E / 46.97662; 8.29224Coordinates: 46°58′36″N 8°17′32″E / 46.97662°N 8.29224°E / 46.97662; 8.29224

The Rengg Pass (locally known as Ränggpass) is a walking trail mountain pass in Switzerland, between Hergiswil in the canton of Nidwalden and Alpnach in the canton of Obwalden. It crosses the ridge running eastwards from the Pilatus towards Stanstaad.

It was the site of the Stecklikrieg battle on the 28th August 1802, where insurgent Nidwaldeners defeated Swiss central government troops[1].


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