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The Rennie Memorial Medal is an Australian National Award that is awarded annually to a financial member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute with less than 8 years of professional experience since completing their most recent relevant qualification of a BSc, BSc (Hons), MSc or PhD, or the equivalent, "for the person who has contributed most towards the development of some branch of chemical science".

The contribution is judged by the research work published during the ten (10) years immediately preceding the award.[1]

Named after Edward Rennie, the medal was first awarded in 1931 to R J Best. The medal is awarded annually, although no awards were made in the years 1938, 1939, 1962, 1980. The medal has on occasion been awarded to two recipients.

List of recipients[edit]

Source: Royal Australian Chemical Institute

Year Recipient
1931 Rupert Jethro Best (d)
1932 J W H Lugg (d)
1933 F Penman (d)
1934 J E Mills (d)
1935 W J Wiley (d)
1936 Adolph Bolliger (d)
1937 R S Russell (d)
1938 No award
1939 No award
1940 F P J Dwyer (d)
1941 Francis Gordon Lennox (d)
1942 W A Rawlinson (d)
1943 Keith Leonard Sutherland (d)
1944 D T C Gillespie
1945 Albert Lloyd George Rees (d)
1946 Robert Harold Stokes
1947 J A Mills (d)
1948 M F R Mulcahy
1949 John Bryan Willis
1950 Donald Eric Weiss
Year Recipient
1951 Ronald Drayton Brown
1952 A S Buchanan
1953 J D Morrison
1954 A J Hodge (d)
1955 Donald Richard Stranks (d)
1956 P R Jefferies
1957 J H Bradbury
1958 Amyand David Buckingham
1959 Athelstan L J Beckwith (d)
1960 M L Heffernan (d)
1961 Ian Gordon McWilliam
1962 No award
1963 Alan James Parker (d)
1964 T Mole
1965 P T McTigue
1966 Donald Walter Watts
1967 John Hamilton Bowie
1968 Thomas William Healy
1969 W K Kitching
1970 David St Clair Black
Year Recipient
1971 John A Elix / Thomas Harley Spurling
1972 Kenneth Neil Marsh / M V Sargent
1973 Frank P Larkins
1974 David M Doddrell
1975 Alan Maxwell Bond
1976 P J Derrick
1977 Leo Radom
1978 W G Jackson
1979 A E W Knight / F Richard Keene
1980 No award
1981 Geoffrey A Lawrance
1982 Denis James Evans
1983 L Field
1984 Michael A Collins
1985 P M Pashley
1986 M Banwell
1987 P A Lay
1988 Anthony Douglas John Haymet
1989 D MacFarlane
1990 Calum John Drummond / Mark G Moloney
Year Recipient
1991 David James Young
1992 Craig Jon Hawker / J M White
1993 Margaret M Harding / C H Schiesser
1994 S C Smith
1995 I A Maxwell
1996 G T Russell
1997 M A Rizzacasa
1998 William S Price
1999 M A Buntine
2000 Frank Caruso
2001 D K Taylor
2002 Stuart R Batten
2003 Cameron J. Kepert
2004 Christopher Barner-Kowollik
2005 Malcolm Macleod
2006 Michelle Coote
2007 Stephen Blanksby
2008 Spencer J Williams
2009 Sébastien Perrier
2010 P S Donnelly
Year Recipient
2011 R J Payne
2012 Keith A Stubbs
2013 D W Lupton
2014 Deanna D'Alessandro
2015 Colin Jackson
2016 Ravichandar Babarao
2017 Elizabeth New


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