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Original author(s) RND Technology Consultants
Stable release
Renque 3
Operating system Windows
Available in English
Type Simulation
License Proprietary

Renque is a commercial software application, designed for general-purpose discrete event simulation. Simulations created in Renque are widely used to analyze and improve operating procedures of logical systems.

Product description[edit]

A simulation model is constructed on-screen by placing server objects on a worksheet and interconnecting the servers by links. During a simulation, entities are created, which migrate through the network of servers and links, by traveling from server to server on the links. The simulation imitates the progress of a real process in a figurative manner, essentially by the spread of entities across the model. In order to attain close agreement with the operation mechanism being modeled, the capabilities of a simulation model can be expanded by such things as random number generators, scheduled operations, data management utilities and simulation control by scripting. Simulations results can be visualized in animations, presented in data tables and exported to other applications.

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