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This article is about the poetic genre. For the martial arts shōgō, see Japanese honorifics.

Renshi (連詩 renshi?, linked poetry) is a form of collaborative poetry pioneered by Makoto Ooka in the 1980s.[1][2] It is a development of traditional Japanese renga and renku, but unlike these it does not adhere to traditional strictures on length, rhythm, and diction.[citation needed] Renshi are typically composed by a group of Japanese and foreign poets collaborating in the writing process in sessions lasting several days.[1] In addition to Ooka, poets who have participated in renshi include James Lasdun, Charles Tomlinson, Hiromi Itō, Shuntarō Tanikawa, Jerome Rothenberg, Joseph Stanton, Wing Tek Lum, Karin Kiwus and Mikiro Sasaki.[2][1]


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