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This 1911 map of Seattle shows the name Renton Hill slightly southeast of center.

Renton Hill was historically a neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, United States; it was roughly the southern part of today's Capitol Hill and the adjacent part of First Hill, centered roughly at 18th and Madison.[1][2] It was named after lumberman and merchant Captain William Renton (1818-1891).[2]

The Renton Hill Community Improvement Club was the city's first community club, organized in 1901 for public improvements such as water, sidewalks, lighting, and beautification.[2] Along with the Capitol Hill Community Club, the club reorganized in 1929 to exclude racial minorities, using a restrictive covenant. This was in reaction to encroaching African American population from the east, Asian from the south, and urban downtown from the west.[3]

1729 17th Avenue, a surviving Renton Hill mansion from the early 20th Century.


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