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Renwick Brook Park is a Canadian urban park located in Glace Bay, part of Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Regional Municipality. It was constructed in the mid 1980s and includes over 3 kilometers of walking trails.[1] The park is adjacent to both the Cameron Bowl Ball Park and Queen Elizabeth Park.

Renwick Brook Park is situated in a shallow valley containing a brook of the same name. The park has series of crushed limestone walking paths, the main trail looping between the foot bridge near where Commercial Street crosses the brook to a foot bridge near the intersection of Park Street and Brookside Street. The trails also continue south under Park Street, past the Cameron Bowl Ball Park crossing two more foot bridges to end at Newsom Park at Dominion Street and also looping back north to the Cameron Bowl.

The valley separates Glace Bay into two districts and the park hosts walking trails, benches, flower beds, path lighting, a small dam, and pedestrian bridges crossing the brook in several places and at either end. The area is home to several species of birds, particularly waterfowl.


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Coordinates: 46°11′16″N 59°57′38″W / 46.1878°N 59.9605°W / 46.1878; -59.9605