Renzo Reggiardo

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Renzo Reggiardo

Renzo Andrés Reggiardo Barreto (born in Lima, July 1, 1972) is a Peruvian politician (Cambio 90) and a Congressman representing Lima.

Renzo Reggiardo is the son of the Italo-Peruvian, executive fujimorist politician Andrés Reggiardo. He joined his father's party Cambio 90 and served as National secretary of its youth branch from 2006 to 2010. In 2006, Reggiardo was elected to the Congress for the 2006-2011 term on the fujimorist Alliance for the Future list. In May 2010, he ascended to the post of National secretary of the party. When the ex-president's daughter Keiko Fujimori decided to form a new party, Fuerza 2011, to promote her presidential candidacy in 2011, Reggiardo did not follow. Instead, he added what was left of Cambio 90 to the National Solidarity Alliance and endorsed Luis Castañeda for presidency. In the congressional vote, Reggiardo was re-elected. Instead of joining with the rest of the representatives elected on the alliance's lists, Reggiardo now sits on the Parliamentary Coordination bench, together with Aprista Party's lawmakers.

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