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Reon Kadena
Reon Kadena

(1986-02-19) February 19, 1986 (age 33)
Other namesLeon Kadena
Minamo Kusano

Reon Kadena (かでな れおん, Kadena Reon), also known as Leon Kadena or Minamo Kusano, is a Japanese glamour model and actress

Life and career[edit]

Kadena was born in Osaka Prefecture on February 19, 1986.[1] The former gravure idol had her first collection of nude photos published at age eighteen by Asahi Press in the photobook Naked Reon (はだかのれおん) in June 2004.[2] Kadena also appeared in a number of glamour videos including the September 2005 Reon Style (レオンスタイル) released by Geneon Entertainment.[3]

In July 2005, Kadena made her theatrical debut in the erotic drama Piikan Fūfu.[4] Three years later in June 2008, she co-starred with fellow gravure idol Yuuri Morishita in the Toei comedy Secret Undercover Agent: Wild Cats in Strip Royale as secret agents Honey and Bunny who investigate strange incidents beyond the abilities of the regular police.[5][6]

Kadena also appeared in a number of television dramas including being part of the regular cast for the TV Asahi action-mystery series Maid Deka (メイド刑事) which was broadcast in 11 episodes from June to September 2009.[7] In 2010 she played the role of Eren Komori (小森絵漣) in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & W Featuring Skull: Movie War Core, an installment in the long-running Kamen Rider Series of tokusatsu films.[8]



  • Tri Puru H (2004, under the name Minamo Kusano)
  • Leon (2004)
  • Girl's Desire (2004) – also known as 'Gravure Idol'
  • Virginity (2005)
  • Reon Style (2005)
  • Make You Happy (2006)
  • My Reflection (2006)
  • Memories (2006) – also known as 'Champion Gold Selection'
  • Dream Planet (2007)


  • Piikan Fūfu (ピーカン夫婦) (July 2005)
  • God's Left Hand, Devil's Right Hand (神の左手 悪魔の右手, "Kami no hidarite akuma no migite) (July 2006)
  • The Making of Dark Fantasy (December 2006) [Documentary]
  • Secret Undercover Agent: Wild Cats in Strip Royale (秘密潜入捜査官 ワイルドキャッツ in ストリップ ロワイアル, Himitsu sennyū sōsakan wairudokyattsu in sutorippu rowaiaru) (June 2008)
  • Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & W Featuring Skull: Movie War Core (December 2010)
  • Ichijiku no mori (無花果の森) (June 2014)
  • The Pinkie (さまよう小指, Samayou Koyubi) (September 2014)



Kadena was also one of many models featured in "Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater" many models have appeared in the series, this has been almost a motif throughout the games. This Videogame came out in 2004 [9]



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