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Publication about contemporary Middle Eastern arts and culture
EditorJoobin Bekhrad

Reorient is a Canadian online magazine focusing on contemporary Middle Eastern arts and culture. Founded in 2012 by Joobin Bekhrad,[1] it is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political, non-partisan, and non-ideological publication made possible by the efforts of contributors around the world. The areas covered primarily include visual art, music, books and literature, and film.


Reorient has been mentioned and cited in a number of publications and websites from around the world, including Christie's,[2] Newsweek,[3] The Guardian,[4] Campaign Magazine,[5] Cornucopia,[6] Art Dubai,[7] Canvas,[8] Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia,[9] The Huffington Post,[10] Oasis,[11] Art & Antiques,[12] the Cairo Review of Global Affairs,[13] and Ryerson Folio.[14]


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