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Developer(s)Microsoft, IBM, Digital Research, Paragon Technology, Rene Ableidinger, ReactOS Contributors
Initial release1986, 32–33 years ago
Operating systemMS-DOS, PC DOS, OS/2, Windows, DR DOS, PTS-DOS, FreeDOS, ReactOS

In computing, replace is a command that is used to replace one or more existing computer files or add new files to a target directory. Files with a hidden or system attribute set cannot be replaced using replace. The command lists all files that are replaced.[1]


The replace command first appeared in MS-DOS 3.2[2] and has been included in most versions of MS-DOS and compatibles such as FreeDOS[3] and PTS-DOS.[4] DR DOS 6.0 includes an implementation of the replace command.[5] The FreeDOS version was developed by Rene Ableidinger and is licensed under the GPL.[6] It is also included as a console command in IBM OS/2,[7] Microsoft Windows,[8] and ReactOS. The ReactOS version was developed by Samuel Erdtman and is licensed under the GPL.[9]


The following command updates the files in C:\delivery\ with the .exe files in C:\source\

C:\>replace "C:\source\*.exe" C:\delivery

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