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Fyvie Castle

There are a number of reportedly haunted locations in Scotland.


Further information: A75 road § Reports_Of_Haunting

A fifteen-mile stretch of the A75, between Annan and Dumfries, is reported to be haunted. Drivers along the road have reported frightening apparitions that vanish just when the vehicle is about to strike them.[1][2]

Ackergill Tower[edit]

Ackergill Tower is said to be haunted by the ghost of Helen Gunn, who was abducted by John Keith for her beauty. She flung herself, or fell, from the highest tower to escape her abductor's advances. Supposedly her ghost is still seen, wearing a long red rustling ball gown and a tall head of black hair.[3]

Airth Castle[edit]

Reported phenomena at Airth Castle include: Sightings of a nanny with two young children who are said to have died in a fire at the castle. The sound of children playing being heard in rooms 3,9 and 23. People have also reported hearing cries and screams believed to be from a maid who was attacked by her master. Additionally a ghost dog, with a predilection for biting ankles, is believed to roam the hallways. [4] [5]

Ardrossan Castle[edit]

Ardrossan Castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of William Wallace, who is said to wander the ruins on stormy nights.[6]

Ardvreck Castle[edit]

Ardvreck Castle is said to be haunted by two ghosts.

Castle Fraser[edit]

Castle Fraser's most famous ghost is a princess staying at the castle who was murdered while she slept in the Green Room. According to legend, her body was dragged down the stone staircase leaving a bloody trail. A stain which could not be removed even with repeated scrubbing. As a last resort the steps were covered in the wooden panelling as seen today. Over the years many residents have reported seeing her ghost throughout the castle. Visitors and staff members have heard apparitional piano music, voices and whispers have been heard in the empty hall. Witnesses have seen Lady Blanche Drummond's ghost who died in 1874. She appears in a long black gown her ghost has been seen in the castle grounds and on the staircase. The kitchen staff have reported hearing the sound of children laughing and singing, only to find that there were no children at this castle.[7]

Crathes Castle[edit]

The 'Green Lady' is a restless female spirit haunting the Green Lady's Room in Crathes Castle.[8]

Culcreuch Castle[edit]

Culcreuch Castle is reputedly haunted by a number of ghosts, including a phantom harpist.[9]

Culzean Castle[edit]

Culzean Castle is reputed to be home to at least seven ghosts including a piper and a servant girl.[6]

Dalzell House[edit]

Dalzell House is said to be haunted by three ghosts: a green lady, a white lady and a grey lady. The green lady haunts the south wing: a young boy babbled that he saw her walking out from a passage; security guards at the time when the house was empty heard noises and saw her briefly; and guard dogs bark into empty room where she walks. The white lady walks around the whole estate and a number of rumours were told about her. One story said she was a maid who jumped off the battlements in the grounds, and another said she was walled up. The grey lady was said to be a nurse from World War I when the house was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers.

Dryburgh Abbey Hotel[edit]

Dryburgh Abbey Hotel is said to be haunted by the Grey Lady, who drowned herself in the nearby River Tweed after the murder of her lover, a monk at the (now ruined) neighbouring Abbey.[10][11]

Edinburgh Castle[edit]

Edinburgh Castle is perhaps one of the most haunted places in Scotland as it is connected to the Royal Mile by a network of underground tunnels. Many years ago a piper was sent to explore the tunnels and was told to keep playing so his progress could be tracked. However, halfway down the Royal Mile, the music suddenly stopped and the piper was never found. It is said the piper still walks the Royal Mile and sometimes the faint sound of music can be heard from within the castle.[12][13] It is believed the castle is also haunted by a drummer who only appears when the castle is about to be attacked.[13][14]

Edinburgh Vaults[edit]

The Edinburgh Vaults are some of the most haunted vaults in Europe. Tourist accountings of strange sightings and sensations have become numerous and have sparked interest for paranormal investigations. The television series Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures both aired an episode about the vaults to investigate the reports of paranormal activity beneath the city's South Bridge.[15]

Fyvie Castle[edit]

Fyvie Castle is said to be haunted. A story is told that in 1920 during renovation work, a skeletal woman was discovered behind a bedroom wall. On the day her remains were laid to rest in Fyvie cemetery, the castle residents started to be plagued by strange noises and unexplained occurrences. Fearing he had offended the deceased woman, this castle's Laird had the skeleton exhumed and replaced behind the bedroom wall, at which point the haunting ceased. It is said that there is a secret room in the southwestern corner that must remain sealed, lest anyone entering meet with disaster. It is not clear if this is the same room in which the woman's skeleton was found. There is also an indelible bloody stain, two apparitions and two curses associated with this place. One of the curses has been attributed to the prophetic laird, Thomas the Rhymer.[16]

Greyfriars Kirkyard[edit]

Greyfriars Kirkyard is reportedly haunted with the evil spirit of George Mackenzie. The lawyer, who earned the nickname "Bluidy Mackenzie" vigorously pursued Covenanters and tortured them. Since 1990 the church has been the site of unexplained events two days after a "vagrant" had broken into his tomb to find shelter.[17][18]

Inveraray Castle[edit]

Inveraray Castle is believed to be haunted by the "ghost of a harpist who was hanged in 1644 for peeping at the lady of the house". The sound of a mysterious harp playing has been reported by visitors to this castle.[19]

Jedburgh Castle[edit]

Jedburgh Castle has been the subject of many reported paranormal occurrences. Many ghosts have been seen and there have been many reports of a ghostly piper seen standing on the battlements. Strong presences have been felt and on many occasions strange lights have been witnessed by visitors. The jail found itself highlighted in the media in 2005 when a paranormal investigation team experienced extreme poltergiest activity.[20]

Leith Hall[edit]

Leith Hall is reportedly haunted. A ghost is believed to be Laird John Leith III who was killed on Christmas Day, 1763 in Aberdeen at Archie Campbell's Tavern in the Castlegate during an alcoholic brawl in which he was shot in the head, after he reacted angrily to a fellow diner who accused him of adulterating the grain sold from this hall. The ghost of John is said to appear in great pain with a dirty white bandage over his head and covering his eyes, wearing dark green trousers and a shirt. In 1968, one guest awoke during the night to see John in highland dress, his head covered in bloody bandages, standing at the foot of the bed. Other apparitional figures have also been sighted.[21]

Mary King's Close[edit]

Mary King's Close is a now underground close in the Old Town area of Edinburgh where legend says that plague victims were trapped by the local councilmen and left to starve to death in an attempt to stop the spread of the plague.[22][23][24]

Pinkie House[edit]

The ghost of Alexander Seton's first wife, Lilias Drummond, is said to haunt Pinkie House, sometimes accompanied by a child, as a "Green Lady". She is also said to haunt Fyvie Castle.[25][26]

RAF Montrose[edit]

RAF Montrose, now Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre, is said to be haunted by the ghost of Desmond Arthur.[27][28][29][30]

Stirling Castle[edit]

The green lady of Stirling Castle is said to be the ghost of one of Mary Queen of Scots servants. Mary herself has been said to be the identity of the ghost of a pink lady sighted here.[5][31]

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