Repovesi National Park

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Repovesi National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Repoveden Kansallispuisto Kesayonauringossa.jpg
A summer night at Repovesi
Map showing the location of Repovesi National Park
Map showing the location of Repovesi National Park
Location in Finland
Coordinates61°11′N 026°53′E / 61.183°N 26.883°E / 61.183; 26.883Coordinates: 61°11′N 026°53′E / 61.183°N 26.883°E / 61.183; 26.883
Area15 km2 (5.8 sq mi)
Visitors74500 (in 2009[1])
Governing bodyMetsähallitus

Repovesi National Park (Finnish: Repoveden kansallispuisto) is situated in the municipalities of Kouvola and Mäntyharju, only a few hours north-east of the more populous Helsinki area of southern Finland. Formerly a site for intensive commercial forestry, the Repovesi area successfully transformed into a pristine national park. Pine and birch trees dominate the park. Repovesi abounds with wildlife including bear, deer and various birds. The River Koukunjoki flows through the park. Other streams and lakes are also situated within the parks boundaries.

Repovesi National Park

Attractions include the Olhavanvuori hill, popular among climbers, and the Kultareitti water taxi route. Also located in the park are the Kuutinlahti bay with its restored timber rafting channels, the Lapinsalmi suspension bridge, and many observation towers.

The common fauna of the park includes the red-throated diver, the Eurasian lynx, the moose, many owls and several galliformes.

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