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Repretel 4
Repretel 4 logo
San José,
Costa Rica
Branding Canal 4
Slogan Parte de su vida
Channels Analog: 4 VHF
Owner Repretel
First air date 1981
Sister station(s) Repretel 6
Repretel 11
Former callsigns Tv Azteca (1996–2000)
Multivision (1981–1996)

Canal 4 is a private Costa Rican television channel, owned and operated by Repretel. It was the second television station acquired by Repretel in Costa Rica.


The station was acquired from TV Azteca, when the Mexican company decided to sell their Latin American television stations in Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador and Chile to invest in their mobile services in Mexico. At the time of the sale, TV Azteca still owed money to original owners and responsible of Channel 9 operations. Since Repretel was sub-leasing Channel 9 from TV Azteca at the time, the process of the sale was seamless.[1][2]

Repretel took control of the station on March 13, 2000, defavoring Repretel 9, which had become a repeater.[3]

At this time, the channel's schedule consisted primarily of entertainment shows (mostly from Telemundo and Univisión) primarily aimed at women. On June 9, 2003, it interchanged schedules with Repretel 11 and the daily block of cartoons transferred to this channel. [4]


Repretel 4 programming consists in kids shows, cartoons, anime, juvenile soap operas, daily nightly movie and Caso Cerrado.[5]
The station has low advertising demand and depends on infomercials and Repretel 6 ads to keep running.


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