Independence Square (Podgorica)

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The Republic Square with the city library in the background

Independence Square[1][2], formerly Republic Square or Square of the Republic (Montenegrin: Трг Републике / Trg Republike) is the central town square of Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro. It is located in Nova Varoš (Montenegrin Cyrillic: Нова Варош; trans. New Town), the administrative, as well as socio-cultural heart of the city. The square covers an area of 15.000 square metres.[3] The city library "Radosav Ljumović" is located on the square, as well as the state gallery "Art".


A view towards Ulica Slobode

The square is bordered by Ulica Slobode (Freedom street) to the east, and Njegoševa ulica (Njegoš's street) to the west. Both Njegoševa and Slobode street are newly renovated pedestrian zones - with Ulica Slobode also being a popular shopping street. Bokeška and Vučedolska street create the square's northern and southern borders, respectively. A pedestrian passage connects the Republic Square to Podgorica's City Hall and the Montenegrin National Theatre building.


Trg Republike was until 2006 known as Trg Ivana Milutinovića (Ivan Milutinović square) - a famous Montenegrin communist politician, military general and national hero. In 2006, the year of the Montenegrin independence, the square underwent a massive reconstruction. It was widened, paved, a big central fountain was constructed and the area was turned into a car-free zone. The square was decorated with colonnades, palm trees and water channels. The whole project cost around 2.5 million Euros.[4]



Coordinates: 42°26′29″N 19°15′46″E / 42.441262°N 19.262804°E / 42.441262; 19.262804