Republic of China Armed Forces Museum

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Coordinates: 25°02′23″N 121°30′29″E / 25.0396°N 121.5081°E / 25.0396; 121.5081

Republic of China Armed Forces Museum
Armed Forces Muaeum in taipei.jpg
Established 31 October 1961
Location Zhongzheng, Taipei, Taiwan
Type Military museum

The Republic of China Armed Forces Museum (AFM; Chinese: 國軍歷史文物館; pinyin: Guójūn Lìshǐ Wénwùguǎn) is a museum located on Guiyang Street Zhongzheng District, Taipei in the Republic of China. It was opened on October 31, 1961 under the administration of the Republic of China Ministry of National Defense Department of History and Translation Office. The Museum aims to show the ROC military heritage of different periods and inform the public about the military. The museum encompasses 3 floors.

Permanent Exhibits[edit]

Past Exhibits[edit]

Weapons display exhibition.


In 1999, a Taiwanese schoolgirl, Chang Fu-chen was raped and murdered at the Armed Forces Museum. Taipei Police found the girl's body dumped in a suburban Taipei park following the confession of Kuo Ching-ho, a military guard at the museum who was serving his conpulsory two-year military service.[2]


The museum is accessible within walking distance South from Ximen Station of the Taipei Metro.

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