1989 Taiwan legislative election

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The seventh and final supplementary elections for the Legislative Yuan were held in the Republic of China on 3 December 1989.[1]


Compared with the sixth supplementary election the number of new delegates to the Legislative Yuan had been increased from 100 to 130. Of these, 101 were to be elected directly representing Taiwan Province and the special municipalities of Taipei City and Kaohsiung City. The remaining 29 seats were to represent Mainland Chinese. These delegates were appointed by the President after being advised by organizations representing the Mainland Chinese population on Taiwan.


Turnout for the supplementary election was 75.5%. Of the 101 directly elected delegates, 72 belonged to the Kuomintang, 21 to Democratic Progressive Party and 8 were independents.

By virtue of achieving more than 20 seats, the Democratic Progressive Party secured the prerogative to propose legislation in the Legislative Yuan.

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Emblem of the Kuomintang.svg Kuomintang 94 +11
Chinese Youth Party 1 –1
Green Taiwan in White Cross.svg Democratic Progressive Party 21 New
Independents 14 –4
Invalid/blank votes 354,748
Total 9,470,526 100 130 +30
Source: Nohlen et al.


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Further reading[edit]

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