Republic of China presidential election, 1948

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Republic of China presidential elections, 1948
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  Chiang Kai-shek Colour.jpg Ju Zheng.jpg
Nominee Chiang Kai-shek Ju Zheng
Party Kuomintang Kuomintang
Electoral vote 2430 269
Percentage 90.03% 9.97%

President before election

Chiang Kai-shek
(as Chairman of the National Government)

Elected President

Chiang Kai-shek

Election results of the presidential election.

The election for the 1st-term President and Vice-President of the Republic of China was held in the Republic of China on April 20, 1948 at the National Assembly House in Nanjing.

After the North Expedition, the Kuomintang acquired control of a unified China nominally. The party began to draft a constitution to transit the government from tutelage period to constitutional period, according to the political philosophy of Sun Yat-sen.

During the Second Sino-Japanese War, China established a close partnership with the United States and was given military and financial supports. George Marshall was appointed ambassador to Chongqing, the wartime capital, as to broker a negotiation between the Kuomintang and Communists after the war. Two parties agreed to rebuild the country with democratization and military nationalization.

Simultaneously, the Government of the Republic of China continued to draft the Constitution, however it was boycotted by the Communists and the full-scale Civil War was resumed.

The indirect elections were held during the Civil War, elected by the members of the National Assembly. Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek won a landslide victory against the same party candidate Ju Zheng in the presidential election, while Sun Fo, his preferred Vice-Presidential candidate, was defeated by General Li Zongren in the vice-presidential elections.

Chiang and Li inaugurated at the Presidential Building on May 20.

Vote summary[edit]

Presidential election[edit]

Party Candidate Votes Percentage
Kuomintang Chiang Kai-shek 2,430 90.03%
Kuomintang Ju Zheng 269 9.97%
Total 2,699 100.00%

Vice-presidential elections[edit]

Election results of the 4th round Vice-president election.
Inaugural address by President Chiang Kai-shek.
Party Candidate 1st round 2nd round 3rd round 4th round
Votes  % Votes  % Votes  % Votes  %
Kuomintang Li Zongren 754 27.30% 1,163 42.69% 1,156 42.64% 1,438 52.62%
Kuomintang Sun Fo 559 20.24% 945 34.69% 1,040 38.36% 1,295 47.38%
Kuomintang Cheng Qian 522 18.90% 616 22.61% 515 19.00%  
Kuomintang Yu Youren 493 17.85%  
Nonpartisan Mo Teh-hui 218 7.89%
China Democratic Socialist Party Xu Fulin 216 7.82%
Total 2,762 100.00% 2,724 100% 2,711 100% 2,733 100%

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