Republic of Mirdita

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Republic of Mirdita
Republika e Mirditës
Unrecognized state


Capital Rrëshen
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Republic
President Marka Gjoni
 •  Established July 17, 1921
 •  Disestablished November 20, 1921

The Republic of Mirdita (Republika e Mirditës) was a short-lived unrecognized republic declared in northern Albania by Marka Gjoni and his followers. It existed between July 17 and November 20, 1921.


The region of Mirdita (English: "Good day") has been traditionally known for the Catholic resistance against the ruling Ottoman Muslims. This resistance has its roots in the 15th century, when the Mirditors fought Ottoman armies under the leadership of George Kastrioti - Skenderbeg. Furthermore, the Mirditors are said to be the direct brothers of the Dukagjini tribe, meaning both regions were directed by one ancestor. The Mirditors were successful in uniting with Kurbin, Lezhë, Dukagjin, Pukë, Shkodër, and Malësia areas in order to preserve their culture, religion, and obtain autonomy from the Ottoman Empire.[citation needed]

Yugoslavia backed Marka Gjoni based on its interest of having another separatist region within Albania, weakening the newly created Albanian state and sharpening the religious antagonism. Marka Gjoni led his Roman Catholic Mirditë tribesmen in a rebellion against the Albanian regency and parliament established after the World War I. He proclaimed in Rrëshen the founding of an independent "Republic of Mirdita". Marka Gjoni was the only president of the republic. As the republic violated the sovereignty of the Albanian state, Albanian government troops fought and eventually extinguished the republic. The minor level Government was run over by the Albanian government, though no real persecution fell on the main leaders. Marka Gjoni fled to Yugoslavia, but later returned to Albania and remained active in the political life of the highlands until his death in 1925.

The former territories of Mirdita Republic were shrunk in size and population by less than half, known today as Mirdita Region. Mirditë District would be created later. Other neighboring districts take stake to the annexed parts of "Old Mirdita" (Albanian: "Mirdita e Vjetër"), known by the locals only.


  • President: Marka Gjoni
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Anton Ashiku
  • Minister of War: Prenk Lleshi
  • Minister of Home Affairs: Zef Ndoci

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