People's State of Reuss

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People's State of Reuss
Volksstaat Reuß


Capital Gera
Languages German
Government Republic
Historical era Aftermath of World War I
 •  Established 4 April 1919
 •  Merged into Thuringia 1 May 1920
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Reuss Elder Line
Reuss Younger Line

The People's State of Reuss (German: Volksstaat Reuß) was a short-lived country in what is now Thuringia. The state was formed on 4 April 1919 after the reigning princes of the two Reuss principalities abdicated and elections were held in both states. It united with six other small states to form Thuringia, a member state of the Weimar Republic, on 1 May 1920.


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