Republic of West Papua

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Republic of West Papua
Republik Papua Barat
Unrecognized state



Flag Coat of arms
"One People, One Soul"
Hai Tanahku Papua
Oh My Land Papua
Territory claimed by the Free Papua Movement.
Capital Jayapura
Government Republic
 •  Established 1963
 •  End of Dutch rule December 1, 1961
 •  Under Indonesian rule May 1, 1963
 •  Reproclaimed July 1, 1973
 •  Disestablished 1973

The Republic of West Papua is a proposed and former unrecognized state consisting of the West Papua region. It is supported only by Vanuatu and is claimed and occupied by Indonesia.[1][2] It includes the provinces of Papua and West Papua. It was unilaterally declared in July 1971.[3] Several militant and social movement organizations are fighting in the Papua conflict for West Papuan independence, including the Free Papua Movement, the West Papua Liberation Organization (WPLO) [4] (its head is John Anari[5]), and the West Papua National Liberation Army (WPLNA). The WPNLA supports both the WPLO and the Free Papua Movement. The ideology of the Free Papua movement is connected with decline of modern life and refusing economical development.[6]

In 2014, factions of the West Papuan independence movement met in Port Villa and agreed to unite as one group, the United Liberation Front of West Papua.

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Coordinates: 4°16′00″S 136°09′00″E / 4.2667°S 136.1500°E / -4.2667; 136.1500