Republic of the Congo parliamentary election, 1993

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Parliamentary elections were held in the Republic of the Congo on 2 May 1993, with a second round in several constituencies on 6 June. The result was a victory for the Presidential Tendency coalition, which won 65 of the 125 seats in the National Assembly.[1]


Party Seats
Pan-African Union for Social Democracy* 47
Congolese Movement for Democracy and Integral Development 28
Congolese Party of Labour 15
Rally for Democracy and Social Progress 10
Rally for Democracy and Development* 6
Union of Democratic Forces* 3
Congolese Party of Renewal* 2
Union for Democracy and the Republic 2
Union for Democratic Renewal 2
Union for Development and Social Progress* 1
Union for Congolese Democracy* 1
Pro-PCT independent† 1
Patriotic Union for National Renewal 1
Independent 1
Other parties* 5
Total 125
Source: African Elections Database

* Members of the Presidential Tendency coalition

† Members of the Opposition Coalition


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