Republican Social Movement

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Republican Social Movement
Movimiento Social Republicano
SecretaryAntonio Martínez Cayuela
Third Position
Spanish unionism
Political positionFar-right
International affiliationAlliance of European National Movements
ColoursBlack and Red
Congress of Deputies
0 / 350
0 / 266
European Parliament
0 / 54
MSR demonstration in 2013.

The Republican Social Movement (Spanish: Movimiento Social Republicano, MSR) was a far-right political party in Spain. It was registered at the Ministry of Interior on November 30, 1999, with offices in Barcelona. The following year it merged with Vértice Social Español to form what it called a "Social Patriotic force".

By its members' own admission, as well as by that of the bulk of the far-right public opinion,[2] the MSR was roughly inscribed in what is usually called the Third Position, and adheres to the commonplace strategy of defending socializing (and at times leftist) doctrines abroad, whereas adopting conservative and anti-immigration stances at a domestic level.[citation needed] Its slogan was 'Spain-Republic-Socialization'.

In the VII National Congress all the participants decided to terminate the movement's experience. MSR dissolved itself with an official announcement 30 of January 2018.[3]


The party has campaigned against immigration into Spain, Turkish membership of the European Union and global capitalism. They support a large programme of re-nationalisation of industries such as electricity and transport. In terms of foreign policies the party takes a strongly pro-Palestinian approach to the Middle East question, criticising Israel alleging that the "Zionist army are committing daily crimes against the Palestinian people." In addition to supporting the Venezuelan government of Hugo Chavez, they have also called for the withdrawal of Spanish troops in the Balkans and condemned the American led invasion of Iraq. In the 2000 General Election the party supported the platform of España 2000.


The party publishes Tribuna de Europa and Libertad.

Sectoral organizations[edit]

  • Labour: Unión Sindical de Trabajadores - UST
  • Youth: Liga Joven
  • Ecology: Hispania Verde
  • Think-tank: Alternativa Europea
  • Culture: Círculo de Estudios La Emboscadura - CELE

Elections results[edit]

Congress of Deputies / Senate[edit]

Election Congress of Deputies Senate Rank Government Leader
Votes % ±pp Seats won +/− Seats won +/−
2004 6,768 0.03% Increase
0 / 470
±0 N/A N/A #36 No seats

European Parliament[edit]

Election year # of total votes % of overall vote # of seats won Rank
2009[4][5] 6,009 Increase 0.04% Increase
0 / 12
26 Increase
2014[6][7] 8,909 Increase 0.06% Increase
0 / 12
31 Increase


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