Republika (Indonesian newspaper)

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Republika editorial office, South Jakarta.JPG
Republika headquarters
Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) Mahaka Media
Editor-in-chief Irfan Junaidi
Associate editor Subroto
News editor Elba Damhuri
Founded 1992 (1992)
Language Indonesian
Headquarters Jakarta
Republika Online
Republika Online logo.jpg
Available in Indonesian, English
Alexa rank

60 in Indonesia,

5,356 globally[1]
Launched 1994 (1994)

Republika is an Indonesian national daily newspaper. The newspaper is known, and described itself, as a publication for Muslim community.[2]

Republika was founded in 1992 and the first edition was published on January 3, 1993, by Yayasan Abdi Bangsa, a foundation that supported by Ikatan Cendekiawan Muslim Indonesia (ICMI), which at the time was chaired by B. J. Habibie. After B. J. Habibie ceased being president in 1999, and in line with declining of the ICMI's political role, the majority of ownership was taken by Mahaka Media in late 2000.

Now, Republika is published by PT Republika Media Mandiri, a subsidiary of Mahaka Media, and has become a general newspaper.


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