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A handshake, symbol of agreement, whose first step could have been a request for association.

A Request for association (RFA) or request for collaboration, also called, though less frequently (see below) request for partnership, request for partner[1] or request for alliance, is a commercial document issued by a party which demands association to another party. This request may be specific, with the addressee stated within, or unspecific, open to anyone[2] interested in association.


The proposed association usually has business (for example a joint venture) or voluntary sector[3] purposes.

Being on a less formal level than a letter of intent, a RFA is typically not legally binding.[4]

Instead of describing in detail the specifications of a product (as a request for quotation does), a RFA focuses on mutual benefits that both parties would obtain from their alliance: "...engages the potential sponsor in thinking about how your project could help his or her own larger goals."[5]

One of the parties may provide ideas, experience or raw materials, whilst the other one may provide money, machines or workers. The idea which overarchs in a RFA is complementarity: it "makes sense for both parties".[6]

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