Requiem for a Gringo

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Requiem for a Gringo
Requiem for a Gringo.jpg
Directed by Eugenio Martín
José Luis Merino
Written by Enrico Colombo
Giuliana Garavaglia
Starring Lang Jeffries
Music by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
Cinematography Mario Pacheco
Release dates
  • 1968 (1968)
Language Spanish

Requiem for a Gringo (Italian: Requiem per un gringo, Spanish: Réquiem para el gringo, also known as Duel in the Eclipse) is a 1968 Italian-Spanish Spaghetti Western film directed by Eugenio Martín and José Luis Merino and starring Lang Jeffries, Fernando Sancho and Femi Benussi. It is most known for the gore and psychedelic elements.[1] It is the only western film of the Eurospy and peplum film genre star Lang Jeffries.[1]



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