Requiem for the Sun

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Requiem for the Sun is a 2003 novel, the fourth novel in the Symphony of Ages series by Elizabeth Haydon.

Plot summary[edit]

The main adversary in this book is Michael, “The Wind of Death” – first seen in ‘Rhapsody’ – now host to a F'dor, a fire demon. He has found out that Rhapsody also survived the destruction of Serendair and is coming for her.

Achmed, King of Ylorc, is attempting to rebuild the Lightcatcher – an ancient device from Gwylliam’s Empire – inside the peak of Gurgus. He enlists the help of Theophila, a member of the Panjeri tribe, who are masters of stained glass. Meanwhile, trouble comes to Achmed and Grunthor from the Raven's Guild in Yarim – the Guildmistress is determined to have revenge on the Bolg kingdom for destroying her foundry.

Rhapsody and Ashe have decided to have a child together, but prophecies speak of trouble, and so they speak to Ashe’s aunt Manwyn, the Seer of the future, in an effort to discover whether harm will befall them.

Soon after the child is conceived Rhapsody is abducted by Michael's men, who nearly kill her protector Anborn in the process. Ashe and Achmed, who still do not like each other much, team together to rescue her. During their search for Rhapsody they meet the legendary warrior McQuieth, Ashe's distant ancestor, who proves to be extremely helpful in the fight against F'dor.


  • Rhapsody, Lady Cymrian
  • Achmed the Snake, King of Ylorc
  • Grunthor
  • Ashe, Lord Cymrian
  • Anborn, the Lord Marshal
  • Gwydion Navarne
  • Michael, the Wind of Death
  • Theophila of the Panjeri tribe
  • Faron

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