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The Rer Aw Hassan (Somali: Reer Aw Xassan) (English: People of Hassan) is a Somali clan based on the border between Ethiopia and Somalia. They live in towns such as Buurukur, Ferfer and Abaaley in Somali Region of Ethiopia.Reer-Aw-Xassan members are also found in parts of Kenya like Mandera, and in Southern Somali towns including Mogadishu, Qoryoley, and Kismayo Mandera, Kenya. In origin the Rer Aw Hassan are Somali clan that are Arabs descendants of Hassan ka wayne who is buried in wardheer, they are descendants of Hussein, the son of Fatima, daughter of the Prophet. A Sheikh, known as Hassan or Kaweyne, came from Iraq through Yemen to Somalia in the 15th century, where he married two women.[1][2] There are four major subclans of the Reer Aw Xasan: Saa'id and Nuur, Abdalla, Abdirahman. Saa'id, which has the largest number of people, are further divided into three sub-groups: the Reer aw Kheyre, ree aw Ali and the Reer aw-Xuuriye.Rer Aw xuriye are the biggest sub clan of rer aw saacid. They The Nur sub clan is divided into four sub-groups:The Reer Aw-mahdi,Reer Aw Elmi,Reer aw Udgoone and Reer aw ahmed.The populars of reerow Hassan's are Sheikh Omar Faruuq, Sheikh Murshid, Sheikh Muhumad Haadi, Sheikh Abdikarim etc. Politics are Abdirahman Gulwade, Farah Sheikh Abdiqadir, Abdiwali Ibrahim sheikh Mudey, Fahad Yassin and in Kenya like Haji Buulow, Mohamedweli Abduĺlahi sh Ahmed Former IT Director National Bank of Kenya. Hussein sheikh Ahmed, Hashim Abdullahi sheikh etc


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