Resígaro language

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Native to Peru
Native speakers
(14 cited 1976)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 rgr
Glottolog resi1247[2]

Resígaro is an Arawakan language of Peru believed to be nearly extinct as of 2017 with only one remaining speaker.[3][4]

Aikhenvald (1999) classifies it among the Western Nawiki Upper Amazonian languages. Kaufman (1994) had made it a separate branch of Upper Amazonian.

On November 25, 2016 the last female speaker of Resígaro, Rosa Andrade was brutally murdered in a beheading at the age of 67. Her niece reported “She was beheaded. Her head was not found, neither her heart.”[5]

The only other remaining speaker known was Andrade's brother, Pablo Andrade, who still lives. He and his late sister had been preparing a project with the Ministry of Culture to document their language since October 2016, and to update books on grammar and an outdated dictionary made in the 1950s by the Summer Institute of Language, that promoted the translation of the Bible.[5]


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