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Rescator is the name of a Ukrainian hacker specialising in the sale of credit card details. According to Russian cyber-security consultancy Group-IB, "Rescator" (AKA Helkern and ikaikki) runs his own marketplace at and uploaded over 5 million card details onto the SWIPED carder marketplace.[1]

Credit card details have been stolen from places like Minnesota and the United Kingdom,[2] the website allows searches by zip code so that stolen card numbers can be cashed out more locally to their victim to avoid alerting banks.[3] Unlike the now defunct Tor Carding Forums, the site is free to use, payments requiring direct Bitcoin payments to sellers without escrow features more common on darknet markets.[4] Many of the stolen details from the Target,[5] Home Depot[6] and Sally Beauty[6] data breaches ended up at the site.

In March 2014, the site was briefly defaced by a rival hacker.[7]

"The Rescator" is the nickname of a major character in the well-known Angelique series of historical novels. The character is depicted as a pirate whose acts are clearly illegal but still morally defensible, who always wears a mask and whose true identity remains unknown over many volumes of the series.


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