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Rescentris was a US software company with offices initially in Columbus, Ohio and later, Redwood City, California. It provided information management/data management and control software for research and development that is utilized within a variety of sectors including life sciences, energy, food science and materials science industries.[1] The company ceased operations in 2013 but the software it created is still used by scientists and engineers in universities, commercial and non-profit research organizations, and government research laboratories.[2] Rescentris was an early pioneer of the incorporation of semantic architecture and open source technologies into client-server systems, and released its products for multiple platforms including Mac OS X, Windows, and iOS.[3]


Rescentris was founded in 2003 by former executives of,[4] and the new company acquired the intellectual property of LabBook in this process, including a variety of bioinformatics applications such as the BSML (Bioinformatic Sequence Markup Language)[5] browser. BSML was the first XML standard in the life sciences and was made public in 1997 by Joseph Spitzner, the former CTO of Rescentris. Visual Genomics, in addition to commercializing a browser for BSML content, prototyped in 1998 its first single-user electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) as a tool to manage content generated by in silico biological (omics) research. LabBook acquired Visual Genomics[6] in 2000 and continued the development of ELN software. Rescentris was established to extend the single-user ELN technology for the management of collaborative research; this mission is reflected in the company name: Rescentris: RESearch CENTRic Information Systems.[citation needed] The company was reorganized in late 2011 / early 2012, and a new management team based in CA was appointed. The company name was changed to ELN technologies, and then changed again to irisnote. The company then attempted to create a new and improved version of the product called irisnote that was based on more modern software components, social networking features, cloud deployment and mobile app technologies, but ultimately, irisnote ceased operations in 2013. Technical support for the existing CERF customer base is now offered by a company called Lab-Ally. Development of the original CERF product was reactivated by Lab-Ally in 2014.[7]

Commercial software[edit]

CERF (Collaborative Electronic Research Framework™) [8] is the flagship product of Rescentris. This product is a GxP 21CFR11-compliant[9] electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that addresses the records-keeping needs of research organizations while supporting the information management and sharing needs of scientists via a cross-platform client-server system. One of the unique features of CERF is the use of semantic web technologies to accomplish several key goals:

  • compliant intellectual property protection according to 21CFR11 and ISO audit trail guidelines
  • laboratory research semantics that can be extended with controlled vocabularies and industry ontologies
  • collaborative workflow management via ability to send Notifications, request Signatures, and log-in access to servers from any computer worldwide
  • data, metadata, and contents are automatically indexed and searchable with the semantic search framework
  • document management system that is extensible by customized add-ons or by directly connecting with data-collecting equipment that stores files in non-standard file types

CERF was designed to address security, collaboration, and productivity needs of laboratory researchers while minimizing disruption during the transition from paper-based lab notebook to electronic lab notebook use.


2009 Bio-IT Best in Show for exceptional technology innovation in Knowledge Management, Bio-IT World Conference and Expo[10]

2008 Bio-IT Finalist for Best in Show in Life Science Informatics Programs, Bio-IT World Conference and Expo[11]

2007 Bio-IT Best in Show for Notebook & LIMS software, Bio-IT World Conference and Expo[12]

2006 TopCAT Outstanding Technology Service Company of the Year, TechColumbus TopCAT Awards[13]

2006 CENSA Best Knowledge Management Platform for Biological Research and Development Award, IQPC ELNs Conference, London[14]

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