Rescue 995

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Rescue 995
Genre Medical
Civil Defence
Created by 张湄纭 Cynthia Chong
Written by 谢俊源 Seah Choon Guan
Starring Jeanette Aw
Tay Ping Hui
Pierre Png
Yvonne Lim
Ng Hui
Opening theme Music By 郑凯华 Zheng Kai Hua
Ending theme 我的世界 By Lorraine Tan
Country of origin Singapore
Original language(s) Mandarin Chinese
No. of episodes 20
Producer(s) 赖丽婷 Lai Lee Thin
Running time approx. 45 minutes
Original network MediaCorp TV Channel 8
Picture format 16:9 Widescreen
Original release 6 February – 2 March 2012
Preceded by Double Bonus
Followed by Unriddle 2
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Rescue 995 is a 20-episode drama serial which debuted on Singapore's free-to-air Chinese language channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8 in February 2012. It revolves around the medical industry and the life of paramedics.

This drama is sponsored by the Singapore Civil Defence Force, which has the real fire and ambulance vehicles and procedures.

There are no nominations for this drama for Star Awards 2013.

The theme song for Rescue 995 was sung and performed by Lorraine Tan in 2010 which the album is also known as 我的世界 (My World).


Some people say that the ambulance paramedic's job is the toughest in having to deal with accident victims or critically ill patients. Paramedics do not draw attention to themselves but carry out their work in quiet efficiency, always at the frontline of life-saving work to re-ignite the light of life for those on the brink of death. The serial explores the lives of several paramedics on the home front and in the work place as they go about their jobs.

In the course of saving a pregnant woman and a young man suffering from head injuries, Shi Haoran (Jeanette Aw) and Xu Wenqian (Yvonne Lim) realised that it is their first day of work with the ambulance team. Haoran's father Shi Xinguo (Zhu Houren) is a cardiac specialist who wants his daughter to study medicine. Their relationship is strained when she chooses to be a paramedic instead. Caught in the crossfire is Zhong Lingfeng (Hong Huifang), Haoran's mother and a TCM practitioner. Haoran does not desire acknowledgements or accolades from her achievements but rejoices over the lives she saves. Armed with a wealth of knowledge in both Western and traditional Chinese medicine, she inevitably oversteps the boundary of a paramedic...


Aritste Character Description
Jeanette Aw Shi Haoran Paramedic
Xinguo and Lingfeng's daughter
Zeming's younger sister
Huang Yixun's girlfriend
Yvonne Lim Xu Wenqian Paramedic
Shaoxiong's daughter
Wensong's older sister
Shi Zeming's girlfriend
Tay Ping Hui Huang Yixun Senior Paramedic
Shi Haoran's boyfriend
Pierre Png Shi Zeming Emergency Room Doctor
Xinguo and Lingfeng's son
Haoran's older brother
Xu Wenqian's boyfriend
Ng Hui Cai Jieyi Matron
Huang Wenyong Ke Dashan Senior Paramedic
Ben Yeo Nimo Paramedic
Nana's husband
Zhu Houren Shi Xinguo Head of Cardiology
Haoran and Zeming's father
Hong Huifang Zhong Lingfeng TCM Physician
Haoran and Zeming's mother
Li Qiyang Peng Youhua Senior Fast Response Paramedic Bike Motorist
Meiying's husband
Jacqueline Chow Yan Meiying Senior Paramedic
Youhua's wife
Died in an accident (ep 8)
Zhu Xiufeng Li Xiuping Housewife
Shaoxiong's mother
Yuan Shuai Xu Wensong Unemployed
Shaoxiong's son
Wenqian's younger brother
Bryan Chan Xu Shaoxiong Odd-job worker
Xiuping's son
Wenqian, Wensong and Wenhan's father
Patricia Mok Bixia Shaoxiong's wife
Wenhan's mother
Ian Fang Wang Zhiwei Cross-dresser (special appearance in ep 9 & 10)
Silver Ang Nana Firefighter
Nimo's wife
Vincent Tee Jack Paramedic
Chew Chor Meng Leo Father of Dongdong, a patient
Adam Chen Bryan Driver of the car which killed Meiying
Adeline Lim Elsie Xu Wensong's girlfriend


* Jeanette Aw as Shi Haoran

Jeanette Aw plays Shi Haoran, a righteous and kind-hearted paramedic. Born to parents who are doctors, she defies her father’s wish for her to study medicine by becoming a paramedic instead, thus straining her relationship with her father. Influenced by her parents, Haoran has a strong sense of justice and responsibility and often goes beyond her duty as a paramedic during the course of her work. Initially not impressed by senior paramedic Huang Yixun’s work attitude, her opinion of him changes after seeing his genuine passion for his job.

* Tay Ping Hui as Huang Yixun Senior paramedic Huang Yixun is a happy-go-lucky and humorous guy who strangely strikes the lottery whenever he manages to save lives. His carefree attitude towards relationships changes when he witnesses a colleague’s demise in the line of duty and subsequently begins to treasure the people around him.

* Yvonne Lim as Xu Wenqian

Wenqian was involved in an accident when she was young and after she witnessed how paramedics worked tirelessly to save her life, she decides to become a paramedic when she grows up. Like Haoran, she is determined not to give up on any patient without a fight. Romantically involved with Shi Zeming, their relationship is rocked with Wenqian’s family problems.

* Pierre Png as Shi Zeming

Shi Zeming, Haoran’s brother, is a doctor at the A & E department in his hospital. He knows he is inferior to Haoran in his father’s eyes so he works even harder to prove himself. He falls in love with Wenqian but her family problems lead to constant quarrels and misunderstandings between them.

* Ng Hui as Cai Jieyi

She looks unapproachable but in fact has a kind heart. She can be very harsh with her words at times, but she is in reality a caring and loving nurse. She does not admit defeat easily due to her pride. She also constantly nags about everything, which makes her seem like a mother. She suspects that something has happened to Meiying, and starts to keep a distance from Youhua but she eventually plucks up the courage to help him.

* Huang Wenyong as Ke Dashan

Dashan is very experienced in his field. Although he likes to take advantage of his seniority, he is very willing to teach newcomers. He also cares a lot for his wife Alice and enjoys the meals she cooks. He is known for playing pranks on rookie paramedics.

* Ben Yeo as Nimo

Firefighter Nana's boyfriend, Nimo is weak, timid, lacks vigour, afraid of blood, but is very persistent in relationships. He can't draw the line between work and personal matters.

* Zhu Houren as Shi Xinguo

Xinguo is Lingfeng's husband and Zeming and Haoran's father. Dead serious and a perfectionist, he always thinks that his views are right. The way he treats his children and patients is the same - for all to follow his instructions, and thus it is difficult for him to be open to advice from others. At times, he makes people feel that he's too rational and too cold.

* Hong Huifang as Zhong Lingfeng

Lingfeng is Xinguo's wife and Zeming and Haoran's mother. She doesn't show her weaknesses or vulnerability in front of others. She keeps all her thoughts and worries to herself causing her to become ill because of stress and overwork. She seems the healthiest but yet falls ill.

* Li Qiyang as Peng Youhua

Youhua is Meiying's husband and Jiajian's father. He is mature and stable, reserved, dedicated and self-sacrificial. In front of his son, he reveals his playful side, for instance pretending to be pitiful so that his son will eat his dinner. Sometimes he misses opportunities due to his cautious side, causing him to be disappointed.

* Jacqueline Chow as Yan Meiying

Meiying is a good wife to Youhua and a loving mother to Jiajian. Kind and sisterly, she takes good care of the younger generation. She will rather be at a disadvantage than argue with others.[citation needed]

Overseas broadcast[edit]

Country of Broadcast Broadcasting Network Debut Finale
 Malaysia Astro Shuang Xing 3 May 2012 31 May 2012
 Indonesia Indovision MediaCorp Channel 8

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