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A rescue co-ordination centre (RCC) is a primary search and rescue facility in a country that is staffed by supervisory personnel and equipped for co-ordinating and controlling search and rescue operations.

RCCs are responsible for a geographic area, known as a "search and rescue region of responsibility" (SRR). SRRs are designated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). RCCs are operated unilaterally by personnel of a single military service (e.g. an air force, or a navy) or a single civilian service (e.g. a national police force, or a coast guard).


A Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre or JRCC is a special type of RCC that is operated by personnel from multiple military services, civilian services, or a combination of military and/or civilian services.[1]

A Maritime Rescue Sub-Centre or MRSC is a special type of RCC dedicated exclusively to organising search and rescue in a maritime environment. An MRSC usually is subservient to an RCC and is used to take the workload for a particular geographic area within the SRR.


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