Rescue Me (film)

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Rescue Me
Directed byArthur Allan Seidelman
Produced byRichard Alfieri
Written byMichael Snyder
StarringStephen Dorff
Michael Dudikoff
Music byJoel Hirschhorn
Al Kasha
David Waters
CinematographyHanania Baer
Distributed byCannon Films
Release date
  • 1992 (1992)

Rescue Me (also known as Street Hunter) is a 1992 American coming-of-age adventure action film directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman and starring Stephen Dorff and Michael Dudikoff.[1][2]


A girl (Ami Dolenz) is kidnapped by two men, and Daniel and Frazier go after the kidnappers. The kidnappers hold her hostage inside the house until she climbs out the bathroom window and escapes the kidnappers.



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