Rescue Records

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Rescue Records
Rescue logo.jpg
Founded 1994
Founder Noah Bernardo Sr.
Distributor(s) Diamante Music Group
Genre Rapcore, Hip hop, Hardcore punk, Metalcore
Country of origin USA
Location San Diego, California


Rescue Records was created by P.O.D. drummer Wuv Bernardo's father and Sonny Sandoval's uncle, Noah Bernardo Sr. It is most notable for being the label that started multi-platinum band P.O.D.


  • Root Records



  • FASEDOWN (currently on Hemrocrit Records)
  • P.O.D. (currently on T-Boy Records)
  • Tonéx
  • Dj Skillspinz


Hiatus or Unknown[edit]


  • Urban Soldiers
  • Sonic Imperial
  • "Now the tables have turned" 3 way split compilation released on Rescue Records, bands featured are: Point of Recognition, Cast in Stone, and Torn in Two