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Research Channel
Research ch us.png
Launched November 1996
Closed August 31, 2010
Headquarters Seattle, Washington, United States

ResearchChannel was an educational television network based at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington, and operated by a consortium of leading research and academic institutions which contributed science-related programming to viewers in the United States and in other countries via satellite and cable television.

The University of Washington subsidized the operation of ResearchChannel since its founding, without direct compensation from the ResearchChannel consortium. This included providing all staff time and efforts, satellite uplink, and commodity internet bandwidth.

In March 2010, citing budget issues, the University of Washington informed the ResearchChannel Board that UW would end this subsidy; and cease programming and uplinking the channel and maintaining the website. The Research Channel board was unable to find a new sponsor and service provider. At midnight on August 31, 2010, ResearchChannel was shut down on Galaxy 18, along with its broadcast on Dish Network, Comcast, and other terrestrial broadcasting services.

List of Research Channel Affiliates as of 2008[edit]

List of participating Universities as of 2008[edit]

The following universities were members of ResearchChannel.[2]

List of participating Organizations as of 2008[edit]

The following organizations were members of ResearchChannel.[3]

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