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For other uses, see Forest reserve (disambiguation).

A reserve forest or a reserved forest is a specific term for designating forests and other natural areas which enjoy judicial and / or constitutional protection under the legal systems of many countries. The term forest reserve may also be used in some contexts in these countries.

The term reserved forest was used to designate protected forest areas in British India, under the Indian Forest Act, 1927. The same term is used today in Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to refer to forests accorded a special degree of protection.

In Australia, the term "forest reserve" is used to denote forests accorded certain degrees of protection; all activities like hunting and grazing are banned unless specific orders are issued by the government.There are many reserve forest in Bangladesh like Lawachara national park whice is situated in Maulvi bazar district. The forest which are reserved for obtaining wood for construction and other products are known as reserved forests

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