Service for Ladies

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Service for Ladies
Directed by Alexander Korda
Produced by Alexander Korda
Written by Ernest Vajda (novel The Head Waiter)
Lajos Bíró
Eliot Crawshay-Williams
Starring Leslie Howard
Elizabeth Allan
Music by Percival Mackey
Cinematography Philip Tannura
Distributed by Paramount British Pictures (UK)
Paramount Pictures (US)
Release date
14 January 1932 (UK)
20 June 1932 (US)
Running time
65-73 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Service for Ladies (released as Reserved for Ladies in the U.S.) is a 1932 British comedy film, the second based on the novel The Head Waiter by Ernest Vajda. The film was directed by Alexander Korda and starred Leslie Howard.

A previous 1927 silent film starred Adolphe Menjou is now lost.


Max Tracey is the head waiter at a London hotel. He falls in love at first sight with Sylvia Robertson, an aristocratic woman, and poses as a prince to win her love. In this venture, he is aided by Mr. Westlake, a Ruritanian monarch who owes him a favour. When Sylvia discovers Max's deception, she is appalled, but the situation is resolved when her father tells her that he was once a hotel dishwasher.



Service for Ladies was voted the second best British film of 1932.[1]


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