Resica Falls Scout Reservation

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Resica Falls Scout Reservation
Resica Falls Scout Reservation.png
Owner Cradle of Liberty Council
Location East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Country United States
Founded 1957
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Resica Falls Scout Reservation is a camp in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania operated by the Cradle of Liberty Council of the Boy Scouts of America.


In 1955 the Philadelphia and Valley Forge Councils purchased the property jointly. Dedicated in April 1956,[1] the camp opened in 1957 and was operated by both councils until 1965, when Valley Forge Council bought out the Philadelphia Council's interest.[citation needed] Originally, the reservation was to consist of six camps, each holding two hundred and fifty boys.[citation needed] Three camps—Camp Big Springs, Camp Great Bend and Camp Firestone—were built on the reservation.

The property is now owned by the Cradle of Liberty Council. Camp Firestone and most of Camp Great Bend are currently closed because of lack of campers.[citation needed]

In recent years, the Big Springs Camp has grown to encompass most of the old Great Bend Camp. This has led to many capital improvements throughout the reservation, most notably the addition of the Sir John Templeton Dining Hall, and the Thomas Richards Arena.[citation needed]


Big Bushkill Creek runs through the camp and also runs into neighbor camps. The camp is built around, and gets its name from the 45-foot waterfall on the property.[2][3]

The camp is used by hunters and fishermen with the permission of the scouts.[citation needed] It is known among fisherman, especially fly fisherman.[4] During the fall fishing season, the camp rents cabins to fishermen looking to fish along the Bushkill Creek.[5] Even though there are certain restrictions, fisherman still fish along the eponymous falls.[6]


In February 2006, Natural Lands Trust completed a conservation easement on the reservation on behalf of Middle Smithfield Township, Monroe County. The Pennsylvania DNCR contributed $900,000 in grants to the project. The easement restricts development on the property and ensures that an additional 1,028 acres (4.16 km2) of valuable natural open space will be permanently preserved.[7]


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Coordinates: 41°06′41″N 75°05′41″W / 41.1115°N 75.0946°W / 41.1115; -75.0946


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