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Residence on Earth (Spanish: Residencia En La Tierra) is book of poetry by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Residence on Earth came out in three volumes, in 1933, 1935, and 1947. Neruda wrote the book over a span of two decades, from 1925 until 1945.[1]

Collections in Residence on Earth:[2]

  • Series I (1925-1931)
    • Dream Horse
    • Savor
    • Ars Poetica
    • Burial in the East
    • Gentleman Alone
    • Ritual of My Legs
    • Nocturnal Collection
  • Series II (1931-1935)
  • Series III (1935-1945)
    • From: The Woes and the Furies
    • A Few Things Explained
    • How Spain Was


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