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Residenzplatz in Salzburg

Residenzplatz is a large, stately square in the heart of the historic center of Salzburg, Salzburgerland in Austria. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Salzburg.


Residenzplatz in Salzburg
Fountain at Residenzplatz

The Residenzplatz is located in the historic center ('Altstadt') of Salzburg, close to the Salzburg Cathedral (Dom), the 'Mozartplatz', and the Hohensalzburg Castle.

The square is bordered by the 'Alte Residenz' to the west, the 'Neue Residenz' to the east, the Salzburg Cathedral (Dom) to the south and historic private houses ('Bürgerhäuser') to the north.


The Residenzplatz was built by the Archbishop of Salzburg Wolf Dietrich Raitenau in 1587, who also ordered the construction of the monastery of the Salzburg Cathedral (Dom). As a result, a number of private houses were demolished. A cemetery last used in the late 16th century was recently discovered underneath the Residenzplatz.


Fountain at Residenzplatz

Residenzbrunnen: In the middle of the square sits a grand baroque fountain, or 'Residenzbrunnen'. The fountain was executed by Tomasso di Garona between 1656 to 1661. It is made of marble, and it is considered the largest baroque fountain of Middle Europe.

Periodical events[edit]

  • Open air cinema: Every summer in July and August the square is transformed into an open air cinema at the Residenzplatz. Typically, taped performances of the Salzburger Festspiele are shown.

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