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Resist album cover.png
Studio album by Within Temptation
ReleasedDecember 14, 2018
ProducerDaniel Gibson
Within Temptation chronology
Singles from Resist
  1. "The Reckoning"
    Released: September 14, 2018

Resist is the seventh studio album by Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation. It is scheduled to be released on December 14, 2018.[2] The album contains guest appearances by singer Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach), Anders Fridén (In Flames) and Jasper Steverlinck (Arid). The first single, "The Reckoning", was released at midnight on September 14, 2018, and features Shaddix as guest vocalist. The album marks the longest time gap between the band releases.[3]

Background and composition[edit]

After extensive promotion and touring for the band's sixth album, lead vocalist Sharon den Adel went through a process of exhaustion and suffered from a writer's block. The vocalist also went through personal problems, which led her to abandon writing for the band for a while to focus on herself. During this time, den Adel managed to start composing again, but this time for herself as a form to cope with her difficulties at the time. As these songs were not rock oriented or fit for the band, she then decided to release them as a solo project entitled My Indigo.[4] After going through this process and composing "smaller, much more direct, personal and vulnerable" kind of songs, the vocalist found herself again in the right state of mind to compose the "combative, powerful and big" kind of songs that Within Temptation needed and is known for.[5] As of the end of 2017, while announcing her solo release, den Adel confirmed that the band was already back to the studio recording new songs for a possible 2018 album release,[1] which was officially announced on September 13. It was also stated by the vocalist that this album was the most difficult one to be done by the band, as they didn't have any direction up until den Adel had recovered from her burnout and her personal problems managed. When finally having a direction to follow, the band was able to get the record done in less than a year.[6] The album, although, marked the longest gap between studio releases by the band.[3]

Speaking to Metal Hammer, den Adel stated that this album has taken pop music as an inspiration while giving it a dark and metal oriented treatment, as the band felt that modern music hasn't been edgy or daring in recent years.[2] Although taking it as an inspiration, the band pointed that it won't be a pop record and it probably won't have any airplay on pop radio stations.[7][6] The album will feature Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix, In Flames' Anders Fridén and Arid's Jasper Steverlinck as guest vocalists.[8]


At the end of November 2017, before any recent signs of releasing new material, the band announced a European tour for the end of 2018 in hope for a possible release on that same year, considering that they had already some newly written songs.[9][10][11][12] At the beginning of December, almost a year before the tour, two concerts were already sold out.[13] The first single, entitled "The Reckoning", was released the day after the official album announcement, alongside with a lyric video. The single features Shaddix as a guest vocalist.[8][14][15] The day after the 2018 edition of the Wacken Open Air, the festival announced the band as a performer for next year's edition.[16] On September 24, the official music video for the first single was officially released.[17] Dutch newspaper stated on their website that the band was looking for extras for a new music video, in which the recording would be taking place on October 7, 2018, in the city of Zaandam. The newspaper published that they were seeking strong men to play futuristic police officers and thinner men and also women to portray futuristic robots.[18] A few days later, also Dutch newspaper Tubantia stated that the chosen song was "Raise Your Banner", with Rogier Hendriks as director and a hundred extras appearing on it.[19]


The first public review of the album came from British webzine Devolution. Reviewer Fary Trueman was positive about the record, praising its freshness amongst a musical genre that has got staler over the years, as the band were able to give contemporary pop music a "dark coat". The reviewer also praised Sharon den Adel's vocal performance while pointing that, even as a high point, it didn't overshadowed the band. Trueman ended his review alleging that the album could be Within Temptation's "Fallen moment", as he considered it "by far the best album they’ve put out to date".[20]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Daniel Gibson, Sharon den Adel and Robert Westerholt, except where noted.

1."The Reckoning" (Featuring Jacoby Shaddix)4:11
2."Endless War" 4:09
3."Raise Your Banner" (Featuring Anders Fridén)
4."Supernova" 5:34
5."Holy Ground" 4:10
6."In Vain" 4:25
7."Firelight" (Featuring Jasper Steverlinck)
  • Gibson
  • den Adel
  • Sarah De Courcy Astos
  • Daniel Barkman
8."Mad World" 4:57
9."Mercy Mirror" 3:49
10."Trophy Hunter"
  • Stefan Helleblad
Total length:47:35


Within Temptation

Guest musicians


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