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A Local Council (LC) is a form of local elected government within the districts of Uganda.


There are six levels of Local Councils. The lowest level is the Local Council I (LC 1 or LC I), and is responsible for a village or, in the case of towns or cities, a neighborhood. The area covered by Local Councils II through IV incorporate several of the next lowest level, while a Local Council V (LC5) is responsible for the entire district. In theory, a problem at a local level is relayed up through the various levels until it reaches an LC with sufficient authority or power to resolve it, while centrally planned directives are relayed downward until they are implemented at the local level.

Each Local Council has a certain number of identical positions, such as Chairman, Vice-Chairman, etc. The Local Council does not transfer nationally. Instead, the national government appoints Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) to represent its interests at the district level.

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