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Resistanz Festival
Picture from 2014
GenreIndustrial music
Location(s)Sheffield, United Kingdom
Years active2022 onwards(relaunch of festival)

Brainchild of Sheffield promoter Leighton, Resistanz is an industrial music festival running since 2011 over the Easter weekend, at the Corporation venue in Sheffield, United Kingdom.[1][2][3] Held annually until 2016, the event was due to take place in 2020 but has been rescheduled for 2022 due to Coronavirus.[4] The festival primarily features alternative electronic music acts including industrial, EBM, futurepop, synthpop and power noise. In later years the festival expanded to include a smaller second room featuring an eclectic mix of artists from genres such as Chiptune, EDM and Drum and bass.

Event Line-Ups[edit]

Year Dates Location Notes
2025 18 April to 20 April Sheffield To Be Announced - Probably MATT HART at least once.
2024 29 March to 31 March Sheffield Altern 8, ZARDONIC, Frozen Plasma with MATT HART, then grabyourface, then also Seraphim System stage invasions, KANGA, ES23, Choke Chain, Danny Blu, For All the Emptiness feat. MATT HART and also guest Marianne Benedicte J Sveinsson, Killing Miranda, Simon Carter & Fabsi, Seraphim System with guests MATT HART and Keith Kamholz (Mechanical Vein), grabyourface, Teknovore feat. MATT HART with additional guests Matthew Simpson (Biomechanimal), John Stancil (Seraphim System) and Marie L Dragontown (grabyourface) and Karkasaurus performed at the festival.
2023 7 April to 10 April Sheffield Assemblage 23, Ayria, Grendel, Moris Blak, Randolph & Mortimer, Wulfband, Seraphim System, Biomechanimal, Blackbook, Pretty Addicted, HarleyLikesMusic, Blink 242, Mechanical Vein, Helix, A-E, W.A.S.T.E, Radio Strain, Antibody, Dark Machine Nation, Vuxnut and Master Boot Record performed at the festival.
2022 15 April to 17 April Sheffield MATT HART, Straftanz, Rotersand, Empirion, Promenade Cinema, Empathy Test, Horskh, Memmaker, iVardenshpere, Stoppenberg, Vanguard, The Gothsicles, Sirus, ESA, Cyferdyne, J:Dead, Wychdoktor, Craven, Antibody and Machine Wraith performed at the festival.
2020 - Postponed due to Coronavirus 10 April to 13 April Sheffield The bands scheduled for this coming year’s festival were Straftanz, Assemblage 23, The Gothsicles and Stoppenberg. ES23, Surgyn, Sirus, Promenade Cinema, Wychdoktor, SPARK! and REIN were also scheduled to play.
2016 25 March to 28 March Sheffield Godflesh, Organ Donors, Neuroticfish, Izoloscope, Petrol Bastard, IVardensphere, Grendel, Basszilla, Cyferdyne, Terrolokaust and The Gothsicles performed at the festival.
2015 3 April to 6 April Sheffield 3Teeth, Hocico, Solitary Experiments, Author & Punisher, Reaper, Pre/Verse, Waste, Ruinizer, Rave the Requiem, Da Octopusss, Sirus, Advance and Coma Duster performed at the festival.
2014 18 April to 21 April Sheffield Incubite, WormZ, Chrom, Modulate, Straftanz (Final ever show), Izoloscope, The.Invalid, Nitro/Noise, Memmaker, Organ Donors, Cyberpunkers, Assemblage 23, Freakangel, Cyferdyne, Die Sektor, Cuttoff: Sky, This Morn Omina, Beelzebass, Seabound and Apoptygma Berzerk performed at the festival.
2013 29 March to 1 April Sheffield Funker Vogt, Aesthetic Perfection, Alien Vampires, C-Lekktor, Surgyn, CygnosiC, Uberbyte, IVardensphere, Seabound, BlackOPz, Method Cell, Celldweller, Noisuf-X, Chain Reactor, Cease2xist, Voster, Alter Der Ruine, and Phosgore performed at the festival.
2012 7 April to 9 April Sheffield Icon of Coil, Grendel,, Nachtmahr, Ultraviolence, Frozen Plasma, Soman, Straftanz, ESA, Waste, Be My Enemy, Memmaker, FGFC820, Detroit Diesel and Surgyn performed at the festival.
2011 2 April to 3 April Sheffield Suicide Commando, Faderhead, Modulate, XP8, Uberbyte, C/A/T, Gothsicles, And One, Covenant, Caustic, SAM, Eisenfunk, Deviant UK and [X-RX] performed at the festival.

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