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Resolute Forest Products Inc.
Traded as TSXRFP
Industry Pulp and Paper
Founded 2007 (Abitibi-Consolidated and Bowater merger)
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec
Area served
Key people
Bradley P. Martin
(Chairman of the board)
Richard Garneau (CEO)
Products Newsprint
Commercial printing papers
Market pulp
Wood products
Revenue Decrease US$ 4.256 billion ("2014")[1]
Decrease US$ 174 million ("2014")[1]
Increase US$ 277 million("2014")[1]
Total assets Decrease US$ 4.921 billion ("2014")[1]
Total equity Decrease US$ 2.117 billion ("2014")[1]
Number of employees
7,700 (2014)

Resolute Forest Products (French:Produits forestiers Résolu), formerly known as AbitibiBowater Inc., is a pulp and paper manufacturer headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, formed by the merger of Bowater and Abitibi-Consolidated, which was announced 29 January 2007.[2] At the time, AbitibiBowater was the third largest pulp and paper company in North America, and the eighth largest in the world. On 16 April 2009 the company filed for creditor protection in the United States and similar protection under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act in Canada, eventually reporting debt of about US$6 billion.[3] The company won court approval for $206 million to finance restructuring.[4] AbitibiBowater emerged from creditor protection on 9 December 2010.[5] AbitibiBowater changed its operating name to Resolute Forest Products in late 2011.[6][7]

Resolute Forest Products is a member of the Forest Products Association of Canada.


The company website reports Resolute Forest Products manages “approximately 14.9 million hectares (36.9 million acres) of forestland in North America (as of June 30, 2011). 98% of this area is public land in Canada, managed through long-term forest management arrangements that include a public input process and regular periodic government auditing.”

Resolute Forest Products became a member of the World Wildlife Fund’s Climate Saver’s Program on November 10, 2011 with a commitment to “reduce their absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 65 per cent by 2015 below 2000 levels” .[8]


On 18 May 2010, Resolute Forest Products joined 29 other organizations including Greenpeace Canada and The David Suzuki Foundation[9] to become a founding member of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA).[10] The agreement formalizes the members’ commitments to conserving vast areas of forests and enabling the legislated protection of large-scale areas that are needed to preserve threatened species such as woodland caribou. Claiming a lack of progress on delivering results within the CBFA, particularly on the creation of protected areas and caribou conservation plans, Greenpeace Canada and Canopy, two founding signatories, departed the agreement in December 2012 and April 2013 respectively.[11] Other environmental organizations suspended work with Resolute on May 21, 2013 announcing that "Resolute will not do the minimum that the science says is required to protect our forests and the threatened caribou that call them home[12]".

Greenpeace Canada released a report examining Resolute's sustainability claims in May 2013, alleging that the company is deceiving customers about the sustainability of their forestry operations and their interactions with communities, First Nations and workers.[13] Greenpeace withdrew an earlier criticism of Resolute Forest Products on 19 March 2013 noting that a December 2012 campaign against the company “incorrectly stated that Resolute had breached the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement” .[14]

The primary workers' union has recently been critical of the company's attempts to renegotiate pension contributions with their pension underfunded by approximately $1.9 billion.[15] On 3 May 2013, however, it was reported that an agreement was put in place which may address the ongoing pension dispute with Resolute agreeing to increase its pension payments and “stabilize the pension plan over the next decade.”[16]

Resolute Forest Products has been criticized by Greenpeace and other organizations for advancing logging and road building in endangered species habitat in Québec and Ontario.[17]

On May 23, 2013 Resolute filed a $7,000,000 defamation lawsuit against Greenpeace Canada and two of its staff in Ontario Superior Court alleging the organization interfered with economic relations with their customers.[18] In response Greenpeace launched a legal defense fund and characterized the lawsuit as a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP).

On August 29, 2013 a case study examining the use of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Controlled Wood system by Resolute was released.[19] The report concludes that Resolute's improper application of Forest Stewardship Council standards threatens the integrity of the FSC system and brand. On January 1, 2014, after a successful appeal by the Grand Council of the Crees, three FSC certificates covering more than 8 mio. ha. of forest, were suspended. FSC found violations of its principles relating to indigenous Peoples’ rights, environmental impacts, forest benefits, monitoring and assessment, and High Conservation Value forests.[20]


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