Resolving Contradictions

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Resolving Contradictions
Studio album by Andy Mackay
Released 1978
Recorded March–July 1978
Studio Basing Street Studios, London; Sawmills Recording Studios, Cornwall
Genre Rock
Label Bronze
Producer Andy Mackay
Andy Mackay chronology
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Resolving Contradictions

Resolving Contradictions is an album by British musician Andy Mackay, released on Bronze Records in 1978.

Andy Mackay was once Roxy Music's saxophonist, and some members of the group happen to play on this record. This opus is a "concept album" with references to the Chinese culture. The cover, designed by Jane Mackay, figures a sort of post-Cultural Revolution scene. And the sound of most of the numbers relates to what a western world audience could "know" about Chinese music.

Track listing[edit]

All songs are by Andy Mackay; except "Battersea Rise" by Ray Russell and Andy Mackay

  1. "Iron Blossom"
  2. "Trumpets on the Mountains/Off to Work/'Unreal City'"
  3. "The Loyang Tractor Factory"
  4. "Rivers"
  5. "Battersea Rise"
  6. "Skill and Sweat"
  7. "The Ortolan Bunting (A Sparrow's Fall)"
  8. "The Inexorable Sequence"
  9. "A Song of Friendship (The Renmin Hotel)"
  10. "Alloy Blossom (Trumpets in the Suburbs)"
  11. "Green and Gold"


  • Phill Brown - assistant producer, engineer
  • Jane Mackay - assistant producer, cover
  • Eric Scott - cover painting