Resonance (Jordan Rudess album)

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Resonance - Jordan Rudess.jpg
Studio album by Jordan Rudess
Released 1999
Recorded 1999
Genre Instrumental
Length 40:33
Producer Jordan Rudess
Jordan Rudess chronology
Secrets of the Muse
An Evening with John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess

Resonance is an album by Jordan Rudess recorded and released in 1999.

The album fits with Rudess' "lighter side" along with Secrets of the Muse, 4NYC, Christmas Sky and Notes on a Dream. The tracks are primarily improvised on synthesizers.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks are composed by Jordan Rudess.

  1. "Resonance" – 9:55
  2. "Timeline" – 10:27
  3. "Flying" – 10:45
  4. "Catharsis" – 5:15
  5. "Tears" – 4:09