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ResourceSpace logo
Developer(s)Montala Limited, Dan Huby, Neale Hall, open source community
Stable release
8.6 / 18 September 2018 (2 months ago) (2018-09-18)
Operating systemAny (web based)
PlatformPHP, MySQL
TypeDigital Asset Management
LicenseBSD Open source license

ResourceSpace is an open source Digital Asset Management system originally developed by UK company Montala Limited. Montala, who are holders of a Royal warrant of appointment,[1] continue to manage the project in addition to providing commercial hosting, support and development services relating to the software. ResourceSpace has been released under a BSD-style license. It requires PHP, MySQL, and optionally utilities such as FFmpeg and ImageMagick that provide image processing capabilities. It works with most web server software such as Apache.

A particular focus is on the improvement of collaboration between users when assembling resources together for a project.[2] Users can create custom collections of resources and saved searches that can be shared with other users.


  • Pure web interface
  • Intelligent search ordering - resources are scored against each keyword using user search activity
  • Full-text indexing of PDF and Word files.
  • Organisation, collaboration and distribution - tools to organise resources, share with colleagues on projects and distribute to others; removes the need to e-mail large files
  • Automatic resizing - resources can be downloaded in a variety of sizes so users can choose if they require high quality print files or lower quality screen / web resolution files, saving bandwidth and download time
  • Themes - pre-selected groups of resources
  • Permissions - set resource access level by user group
  • Research services - allows specific requests to be made to a central resources team
  • Archiving - resources can be archived and are then not visible in the main search
  • User contributions - allows users to submit resources to the system, which can then be processed by a central team before being made available to other users - useful for working with remote photographers
  • Multilingual - the application is multilingual capable with most major languages supported
  • Automatic thumbnail creation for most image and video file types including JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, TTF, Photoshop PSD, AVI, MOV, MPEG using ImageMagick and FFmpeg (though these features require system level access through PHP exec() which many shared hosting providers have disabled)[3]
  • Comprehensive Exif/IPTC/XMP header import and export using ExifTool
  • Automatic GPS tag import and geolocation searching via OpenLayers / OpenStreetMap / Google Maps
  • Multiple file upload using SWFupload
  • Creates preview 'contact sheets' using FPDF
  • Minimal hosting requirements - uses PHP/MySQL technology which is supported by all major hosting providers
  • Plugin support - third party developers can create plugins to extend functionality
  • Open source - released under a permissive BSD style license


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