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Resource Monitor
A component of Microsoft Windows
Resource Monitor Win7.png
Resource Monitor Windows 10.png
Resource Monitor running under Windows 10
Type System resources utility
Included with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008,
Related components
Task Manager

Resource Monitor, a system application in some Microsoft Windows operating systems, displays information about the use of hardware (CPU, memory, disk, and network) and software (file handles and modules) resources in real time. Resource Monitor became available in Windows Vista and onwards (in Windows Vista, it forms part of the Reliability and Performance Monitor[1]). Users can launch Resource Monitor by executing resmon.exe (perfmon.exe in Windows Vista).

The Vista and later Resource Monitor heavily leverages the Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) facilities introduced in Windows 7;[2] the counter setup (event tracing session) used by the Resource Monitor can provide logging as well.[3]


The Resource Monitor window includes five tabs:[4]

  • Overview
  • CPU
displays column lists of Processes, Services, Associated Handles and Associated Modules; charts of CPU Usage (separate for every core)
  • Memory
displays overall Physical Memory consumption and separate consumption of every Process; charts of Used Physical Memory, Commit Charge and Hard Faults/sec
  • Disk
displays Processes with Disk Activity, Disk Activity and Storage; charts of Disk Usage (KB/sec) and Disk Queue Length
  • Network
displays Processes with Network Activity, Network Activity, TCP Connections and Listening Ports; charts of Network Usage (separate for every adapter) and TCP Connections

Accessing the application[edit]

  1. Choose Start→All Programs→Accessories→System Tools→Resource Monitor.
  2.  %windir%\system32\perfmon.exe /res
  3.  %windir%\system32\resmon.exe

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